An Aggie home

Three generations of the DeMund family are pursuing degrees at NMSU

Across-country road trip to California in 2002 started the DeMund family’s journey to New Mexico State University.

When the family was looking to relocate from the United States Virgin Islands and continue their academic studies, the DeMunds remembered travelling through Las Cruces. Norma DeMund, her son, Sulieman, her daughter, Ilé, and Ilé’s son, Alchesay, visited NMSU’s campus in 2010.

Three years later, Norma, her husband, Harold, Ilé and Alchesay moved to Las Cruces, and Sulieman, an U.S. Navy and Air Force veteran, followed in 2014.

Since arriving at NMSU, Norma has completed the course work for her Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

“Being in the College of Education, it feels like home,” says Norma, who dreams of starting a school. “They make you feel very, very comfortable.”

Ilé is working on her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, and Sulieman is pursuing his government and international relations master’s degree. 

Sulieman says he hopes to recruit more family and friends to NMSU. 

“When you are in this school, this school takes care of you,” he says. “I can’t ask for a better university. I brag to everybody about this gem.” 

Alchesay, who graduated from Las Cruces High School in 2017, is a freshman and Harold, a retiree who will be 75 in October, audits courses. The pair is taking a government course together. 

“I’m taking courses I never would have taken when I was in school,” Harold says. “I’ll probably go to school until they throw the dirt on top of me. My mother says continue to learn something new every day – keep your brains in gear. She’s 98 years old.” 

Tiffany Acosta 

Three generations of the DeMund family moved to Las Cruces to continue their academic careers. From left to right: Alchesay DeMund, freshman, Ilé DeMund, graduate student, Harold DeMund, audits courses, Norma DeMund, doctoral student, and Sulieman DeMund, gradute student, found the right fit at New Mexico State University.