Computer science professor receives grant to discover biological patterns

A professor in New Mexico State University’s Department of Computer Science recently received a National Science Foundation grant to develop automated methods to discover molecular patterns from human and mouse genomics data.

Joe Song plans to implement these methods of data science to developmental biology.

“This grant will address a long-standing question in biology regarding how different cells, such as brain and muscle cells, carrying the same genome can have distinct biological functions,” he said. “It is generally believed that the molecular networks of our genes are wired differently to execute diverse programs across cell types. We will develop novel data science methods to delineate how molecular networks are rewired in major cell and tissue types in humans and mice.”

Song’s research will be funded by the $814,942 NSF grant, from the NSF’s Advances in Biological Informatics program through its Division of Biological Infrastructure, from July 1, 2017, for three years.