NMSU data encryption technology receives investment at Aggie Shark Tank

A data encryption technology developed by New Mexico State University computer scientists for use in Internet of Things hardware devices is being commercialized by an El Paso-based venture capitalist who secured investment during the 2017 Aggie Shark Tank event hosted by Arrowhead Center.

Robert Herrera, an early stage venture capitalist and LP investor associate on behalf of Joseph Advisory Services, is building the company – called Hatch – which provides IoT hardware and platforms with data encryption and decryption using low computing power and memory requirements, daily security key updates, and a faster and more secure connection than others in the market. Hatch’s service will be distributed via a cloud platform that signs up devices and provides updates directly to combat security threats. 

Developed at NMSU by Hatch co-founders Reza Tourani, an NMSU Ph.D. candidate in computer science who also serves as Hatch’s chief technology officer, and Jay Misra, an associate professor in computer science who also serves on the company’s board of advisers, Hatch received a commitment of up to $100,000 in investment from two Aggie Shark Tank investors – Estela Hernandez, an enterprise adviser at Arrowhead Center, and Beto Pallares, managing director and co-founder of Cowork Oasis, an innovation community for El Paso entrepreneurs.

Herrera said his company’s long-term vision is to become the standard of security for all new IoT hardware devices.

Robert Herrera pitches his company, Hatch, for possible investment during Aggie Shark Tank in October. The company offers data encryption using technology developed by New Mexico State University computer scientists Reza Tourani and Jay Misra.