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NMSU rolls out bold new marketing effort 

New Mexico State University is hitting the region hard, looking for the next generation of Aggie students while also connecting with Aggie alumni.

NMSU’s Marketing and Communications office launched an updated marketing campaign earlier this year to target potential students in New Mexico, El Paso, Arizona, Colorado and Southern California while also building Aggie pride with alumni. The campaign involves advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, television, radio and billboards. It also includes promotions in Google search results as well as in movie theaters, malls and airports around the region. 


The advertisements feature bold crimson and white elements, large text and the mountainous desert landscape that surrounds Las Cruces. A special promotion, “I am an Aggie,” will also feature successful alumni as well as current NMSU students preparing to be future leaders. 

This fall, enrollment of first-time freshmen at NMSU is up 11.3 percent from the same time last year. That marks the university’s largest increase in first-time freshmen in more than 17 years. Additionally, community college transfers at NMSU are up more than 17 percent. 

Justin Bannister ’03 ’13