A blend of time

While it’s hard to see time as it’s ticking second by second, one New Mexico State University student has discovered a passion for creating some of the most beautiful illustrations of time happening on campus and around the state. Her name is Jamie Jaramillo, a senior nursing student, whose work finds inspiration through pure appreciation for her hometown roots in New Mexico.

What inspired this project? Is it for fun or part of a class?

Jaramillo: This project is entirely for fun. Growing up in Las Cruces, I have always been interested in the history of this town and the surrounding area. As a student at NMSU, I became fascinated with the history of the university as well. I started to go through yearbooks, learning stories that I had never heard before and seeing faces that had walked the very same paths that I had going to class. When I saw a similarly blended photo, but of a place in a foreign country, I thought, I could probably learn to do that with pictures of my own community. So, I asked my uncle Jesse to show me how to use Photoshop, and I started retaking the old photos that I had grown to love and enjoy. 

What’s the exact process behind each photo?

Jaramillo: Once I find an older picture, I go out and retake the photos to the best of my ability. Then, I open all of the photos I took in Photoshop, eliminating the ones that are completely the wrong angle or focus. Oftentimes, none of the photos I took are at the right angle, so I have to go back and retake them. My goal when I’m editing is to show enough of today that it can relate with people who have been to that specific place, but show enough of the past in the older photo so that it’s obvious that the place has aged and changed. Occasionally, there is a little bit of information available on the photo, which allows me to teach people about the history of the community.

What do you hope visitors get or feel when they visit your "A Blend of Time" pages?

Jaramillo: I want my photos to show what a person at that time would have seen. I want my visitors to be able to look through someone else’s eyes from the past to see how they experienced the world. My hope is that people can gain an enjoyment of history.

Angel Mendez

"Young Hall" 1927-1928
was built in 1928 by Trost & Trost architects and was originally the campus library. The Trost brothers ran an architect firm in El Paso, Texas, which was well-known for the beautiful buildings they designed.

"Fish Pond"- 1942-2018
This photo shows a pond near Dove Hall, also known as a “fish pond” – not because there were fish in them but because freshmen (or fish) were often thrown in.