Aggie crimson runs deep

The Johnson-Franzoy family added a new generation of NMSU alumni in December

Four generations of the Johnson family have attended or are attending New Mexico State University. The Franzoy family holds three generations. Their connection, Fayth Franzoy, graduated in December 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics. Now, she is pursuing a master’s degree in agriculture at NMSU.  

It all started with her maternal great-grandmother, Mary Tippin Johnson, who graduated in May 1942 with her bachelor’s degree. Less than 30 years later, Fayth’s grandfather, Winston A. Johnson II, graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering in the 1970s while her grandmother, Vivian Johnson, graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the College of Agriculture and Home Economics a few years later. 

Fayth’s mother, Sheri Franzoy, graduated in December 1991 with a degree in agriculture business and a minor in horticulture. Fayth’s father, Keith Franzoy graduated in May 1988 with an associate degree, and her paternal grandmother, Doris Franzoy, graduated in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree. 

Fayth has one cousin, Heath Seward, who is attending NMSU and another cousin, Shelby Seward, who graduated in December 2015 from the College of ACES. Fayth says as more relatives graduate from NMSU, the family gets more excited. 

“We’re incredibly proud of our university, and we get a little prouder every time someone graduates,” says Fayth. “When my cousin graduated, she was the first of my generation to get her degree, and I was super happy for her. Then, when I got my degree it was like, ‘I joined the crew. This is what it feels like.’”

Sheri says she has fond memories of growing up in Las Cruces and learning what it meant to be an Aggie. 

“We could hear the bell at the tower and could also hear the football games from our house,” Sheri says. “Being an Aggie was just a way of life for me.”

Melissa Rutter ’17

Mary Tippin Johnson, who graduated from New Mexico State University in 1942, was the first of four generations in her family to earn degrees from NMSU.

(Left to right back row) Winston Johnson Sr., Keith Franzoy and Winston Johnson II, (middle row) Vivian Johnson, Sheri Franzoy and Mary Johnson and (front row) Vernon Johnson celebrated Sheri’s graduation in December 1991 at the Pan American Center. Sheri’s daughter, Fayth, continued the family tradition and became the fourth generation of NMSU graduates in December 2017.