Aggie Milestones

125 years

Crimson chosen as school color in 1894. 

100 years

Era Rentfrow graduated from the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts in 1919 and began working on staff, eventually becoming the college registrar. While in school, she was engaged to fellow student Joe Quesenberry, the first Aggie to be killed in combat during World War I. Perhaps motivated by his loss, she tracked and chronicled the Aggies that served during World War II. Recognizing the need to secure their place in history, she gathered their photographs and biographical information. The photos are displayed today in Aggie Memorial Tower.  

60 years

Donald C. Roush joined the NMSU faculty in 1959 as dean of the College of Education, and he later became the university’s academic vice president. Today, the annual Roush awards presented to faculty members are named in recognition of his 35 years of teaching improvement in New Mexico.  

40 years

In the late 1970s, work began to combine the Department of Nursing with the Department of Social Work, which was in the College of Arts and Sciences, along with health services, which was part of the College of Education. The College of Health and Community Services was founded in 1979. The NMSU community college system and the School of Continuing Education were originally part of the college as well. In the mid 1990s, the name was changed to the College of Health and Social Services. 

30 years

NMSU was officially designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution in 1989, where, at the time, at least 25 percent of undergraduate full-time students were Hispanic. Now, as of fall 2018, 56 percent of the undergraduate full-time students at the Las Cruces campus are Hispanic. 

Era Rentfrow

Donald C. Roush