KRWG takes home regional awards

The vital partnership between KRWG Public Media and New Mexico State University started when the NMSU Board of Regents licensed the station in 1965. Since then, the alliance between the two has proven beneficial for both parties in many ways. 

Take for example, the nationally televised, 13-episode series, “Field Trip!” produced in partnership with the NMSU Cooperative Extension, which focused on the farm-to-table aspect of agriculture in southern New Mexico.

“This program brought accolades to KRWG, raised the profile of NMSU Cooperative Extension and highlighted various economic drivers in southern New Mexico,” says KRWG General Manager Adrian Velarde. “KRWG Public Media helps fulfill NMSU’s land-grant mission of education by serving our listening and viewing areas in southwest New Mexico and far west Texas with relevant, thought-provoking and educational programming.”

That programming has not gone unnoticed. KRWG received two first-place awards from the Colorado chapter’s Society of Professional Journalists “Top of the Rockies” contest in April 2018 and five awards from the New Mexico Broadcasters Association’s 2018 Excellence in Broadcasting awards in June 2018. “Top of the Rockies” is a regional, multi-platform contest for reporters and news organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. 

KRWG News Director Anthony Moreno and KRWG Director of Content Fred Martino were part of a statewide team in the Solutions Journalism Network’s State of Change project. The project received first place in the Public Service Journalism medium market category and first place in the Business Enterprise Journalism medium market category. 

“This award recognizes the impact of in-depth journalism produced by public media and the other partners across the state,” Martino says. 

KRWG-FM received four awards from the NMBA. Martino received the award for best website, and reporter Michael Hernandez’s story, “Shattered Lives,” received the award for best feature news. The Best Social Media Integration award went to Edmundo Resendez, operations manager, and Jacob Lockwood, engineer, for the “Red or Green Confidential.” Resendez also received the award for best station promotional announcement for the KRWG Testimonials. 

KRWG-TV received the award for best local programming for its documentary project titled, “Our Stories: Vietnam Part 3.” The award went to the KRWG production department, Ralph Escandon, Christian Valle and Joe Widmer, producers/videographers, and Glen Cerny, former KRWG general manager. 

“This is a reminder that great things come from hard work, organization and a commitment to professional development,” Martino says. 

Ximena Tapia 

KRWG Public Media collected multiple awards in 2018, including several from the New Mexico Broadcasters Association. (Left to right: seated) Fred Martino, Edmundo Resendez, (standing) Ralph Escandon, Joe Widmer and Jacob Lockwood were among the honorees.