NMSU helps WIC shoppers at Lowe’s Markets in Las Cruces

With the assistance of NMSU’s College of Business’ Consumer Behavior Lab, Lowe’s Market grocery store chain has developed a new point-of-sale system that has quadrupled healthy food sales. Those participating in New Mexico’s Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children can now maximize use of their cash-value benefits for authorized fruits and vegetables.

The NMSU study found that WIC participants and cashiers previously could not see the remaining balance on the WIC card until the purchase was complete, causing many WIC families to regret and miss the opportunity to purchase more fruits and vegetables.

Working with New Mexico’s WIC agency, Lowe’s Market redesigned its computerized system to inform cashiers of how much remains on a family’s WIC card before the sales transaction is completed. The store has fresh fruits and vegetables available in each checkout stand for the WIC participants to seamlessly purchase if remaining credit is available.

Jane Moorman