NMSU students study at Google

Five New Mexico State University students were among 65 from across the country selected for Google’s Tech Exchange program in fall 2018. The students took courses on Google’s campus in San Francisco as they would in a regular semester, but those courses were attached to a project given by Google. Students also had Google mentors and access to professional skills training and interview sessions with Google representatives.

Minerva Baumann ’13

"What impressed me the most during my time at Google was the culture. Google is a place where new ideas and perspectives are not only allowed but also encouraged. It is a place that encourages you to make mistakes and learn from them, and they won't blame you for making those mistakes."

Vensan Cabardo
Interested in a career in software development

"I learned that collaboration is really important to be successful in the workplace. At Google especially, they have a great support structure and all the instructors are open to feedback. I have learned from being at Google that one person’s impact can really make a difference."

Jacob Espinoza
Interested in a career in artificial intelligence

"A sense of entrepreneurship is what I brought back from Google. We constantly had to assess current market trends and user needs when coming up with ideas for projects. Non-school related projects are so hard to incorporate into a student's already busy life; however, as a student we are at our lowest risk to try innovative ideas that could potentially change the world."

Kay Sweebe
Interested in a career using big data to help solve problems

"One of the most important things that I learned while I was at Google was that as long as you apply yourself and work hard, you should be able to tackle any job. If there are problems, it is always a good idea to have a team with you to ask questions so that you can overcome daily obstacles."

Marco Salazar
Interested in pursuing a career in video game development or artificial intelligence

"I hadn’t seen myself represented very much in other places, but going to Google showed me that people like me could excel in STEM. I was used to muscling my way through any problems I had with my classes, but it became clear that I couldn’t do everything on my own. Now, I can ask for help without the shame, and it’s made my life a lot easier."

Arianna Martinez
Interested in a career as a software engineer