Press Check

Recent books by NMSU authors compiled by Melissa Rutter ’17

Acid West: Essays 

Joshua Wheeler 10

Joshua Wheeler debuts his book of essays that takes readers on a trip through the muck of American myths that have settled in the desert of our country’s underbelly. It began July 16, 1945, when Wheeler’s great-grandfather awoke to the world’s first atomic blast. The blast filled the horizon north of his ranch in Alamogordo and bleached his cattle white from the fallout. 

Traversing the New Mexico landscape that his family has called home for seven generations, Wheeler excavates and reexamines these oddities, assembling a cabinet of narrative curiosities: a man who steps from the stratosphere and free-falls to the desert, a treasure hunt for buried Atari video games, a village plagued by the legacy of atomic testing, a lonely desert spaceport and a UFO festival during the paranoid Summer of Snowden. 

The radical evolution of American identity, from cowboys to drone warriors to space explorers, is a story rooted in southern New Mexico.

All the Dreams We’ve Dreamed

Rus Bradburd 

“All the Dreams We’ve Dreamed” tells a true story of courage, endurance and friendship in one of America’s most violent neighborhoods. Author and Chicago native Rus Bradburd is an associate professor in NMSU’s MFA program, and before that, spent 14 seasons coaching basketball at The University of Texas at El Paso and NMSU in the 1990s. That’s where he met Shawn Harrington, the courageous man in his book. 

Bradburd tells the story of Harrington, who in 2014 was planning on turning a Chicago’s high school struggling basketball team around with the help of some promising players. But, that changed the day two young men fired at him and his daughter on their way to school. Harrington heroically used his body to shield his daughter and was struck and paralyzed. Over the next few years, as a shocking number of players were murdered, it became obvious that the dream of the game providing a better life had nearly vanished. 

Fish Reference Guides 

Craig Springer ’91

With more than 30 fish reference guides for anglers and naturalists, Craig Springer has nearly covered the whole country with his guides.

Springer covers fishes of New Mexico in his guide “Freshwater Fishes of the Southern Rocky Mountains: A Guide to Game Fishes.” The guide helps the reader to identify 64 species of freshwater fish likely to be caught on hook-and-line. This 12-panel guide includes notes on preferred habitat, geographical distribution, favorite baits and color illustrations that provide an indispensable aid for identification. The guide also conveniently folds up into a packet narrow enough to fit into a back pocket, still remaining sturdy enough and laminated for multiple uses. The cover of this guide also features New Mexico’s official state fish, the Rio Grande cutthroat trout – a fish Springer describes as the prettiest fish that swims. 

Some of Springer’s other 30 guides include “Freshwater Fishes of Texas,” “Fishes of Chesapeake Bay,” “Freshwater Fishes of Oklahoma” and “Freshwater Fishes of Illinois.” 

Springer has also been recognized with excellence in craft awards by The Outdoor Writers Association of America, the Southeast Outdoor Press Association and the American Fisheries Society. 

Introduction to PCM Telemetering Systems, Third Edition 

Stephen Horan ’79 ’81 ’84

Stephen Horan, retired NMSU professor from the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has released the third edition of his book, "Introduction of PCM Telemetering Systems." 

Created for his electrical engineering class before his retirement in 2009, Horan’s book summarizes the techniques and terminology used in sending data and control 

information between users and the

instruments that collect and process the data. It gives an overall systems introduction to three primary areas: system interfaces; data transport, timing and synchronization; and data transmission techniques. It also includes how designers apply relevant industry and government standards at each level in this process.

Parenting for a Lifetime  

Lynn A. Blackwood ’81 

Lynn A. Blackwood has taken a path most parents would never want to be in – parenting through divorce, bankruptcy and cancer. In his book, “Parenting for a Lifetime,” Blackwood distills those years of experience into a guide that allows readers into the real work of parenting, of not giving up when things get rough or you’re not sure what to do, of pushing through one trial after another to finish the job of being a great parent – not a perfect parent, but a great parent. 

Blackwood encourages readers to understand the long-term goal of being a parent, raising responsible grown-ups who will make great parents themselves. “Parenting for a Lifetime” is an easy read and a book for parents at any stage.