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Scholarships at NMSU Grants offer training, degree completion assistance

Film and television productions have ramped up in New Mexico, and the growing digital media job market provides new opportunities for students across the state. According to the New Mexico Film Office website, 18 projects were in production in late August 2021. The projects range from feature films to TV series.

“In addition to supporting 10 students in attaining their creative media technology degrees, the AT&T Foundation scholarships at NMSU Grants can potentially impact a unique, diverse student population,” says Marlene Chavez-Toivanen, vice president for academic affairs and associate campus director at NMSU Grants. 

Grants has approximately 9,000 residents with a diverse population. Thirty-nine percent of residents identify as Native American. Grants is home to members of four tribal nations – Laguna, Acoma, Zuni Pueblos and Navajo Nation – and 38 percent of residents identify as Hispanic.  

“Many of these jobs are now available remotely, which increases the chances that NMSU Grants students can gain employment in this field,” Chavez-Toivanen says. “While we are able to bring this technology and training to our students, Cibola County students are often reluctant to attend college full time because they need to work full time.” 

As the lone higher education institution in the county, NMSU Grants offers a Creative Media Technology program with courses in Adobe software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver along with classes in game design using software programs such as 3D Studio Max and Epic Unreal Engine. 

The AT&T Foundation scholarships have the potential to increase student workforce opportunities, which are vital to area residents. Recipients of the fall 2021 scholarships are Georgia Trujillo and Shawnea Delgarito. 

“The rural isolation of Cibola County increases the obstacles to completing education and moving into the workforce at every level, pre-K through college,” Chavez-Toivanen says. “The AT&T Foundation scholarships help these students attend college full time so that they can complete creative media technology degrees within two years.” 


The AT&T Foundation has funded $10,000 in creative media scholarships to help NMSU Grants students. Shawnea Delgarito is one of the fall 2021 scholarships recipients.