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Homegrown film gets international release

“Walking with Herb” is a first for Las Cruces. In addition to the writing and local production talent of NMSU alumni and 32 Creative Media Institute students hired for the project, the film also was 90 percent locally financed.

With an all-star cast of Edward James Olmos, Kathleen Quinlan and George Lopez, the film was shot in 2017 and premiered internationally in April 2021.

It was the faith of Ross Marks, NMSU CMI professor who directed the film, and the late Mark Medoff, who wrote the screenplay, that made the project a reality.

Marks hopes the success of “Walking with Herb” will lead to more projects born and raised at NMSU to grow southern New Mexico’s share of the state’s half-billion dollar a year film economy and create more jobs for NMSU film students. Learn more and watch the trailer at