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NMSU Regents professor, biomedical researcher named 2023 IP Award recipient

Jeffrey Arterburn, an NMSU Regents professor and biomedical researcher named by Stanford University as among the top 2% of scientists worldwide, was recognized in spring 2023 for his impactful research on disease treatments.

Arterburn was the recipient of the 2023 Intellectual Property Award presented by NMSU’s Arrowhead Center and the Office of Research, Creativity and Economic Development. The award recognizes NMSU faculty or staff who have developed intellectual property and demonstrated work to realize societal, industrial and commercial benefits.

Arterburn, a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, is a co-owner of seven patents of research tools and therapeutics related to treatments of diseases including cancer. One patent covers the synthetic molecules that selectively target the G protein-coupled estrogen receptor, and was brought to market by Linnaeus Therapeutics to treat cancers including melanoma, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer and colon carcinomas.

“My motivation for biomedical research originates from the recognition that there are many devastating diseases that are understudied and lack effective drugs for treatment, and the desire to use my skills to design and build new small-molecule probes and drugs that selectively target key biological molecules and help us to understand and ultimately control their function,” Arterburn says.