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New program gives AAPI students more visibility, representation

Audrey Dijeau and a group of fellow graduate students led a movement in spring 2022 to create a new diversity program at NMSU that supports the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Over the following year, Dijeau and others worked with diversity leaders on campus to build an emerging API Programs—NMSU’s newest diversity program.

“The creation of API Programs is an important step in providing support and resources that all students in these communities can utilize,” says Dijeau, a Ph.D. student in astronomy. “I am excited to see API Programs further the goal that NMSU should have as a minority-serving institution: serving all students from minoritized communities.”

The new program aims to make API/AAPI individuals at NMSU feel supported like other minority communities on campus by celebrating API/AAPI culture, creating safe spaces and hosting regular gatherings and events.

“The community we have built and the resources we have created will continue to benefit the future API/AAPI community,” says Kelsey Corro, a master’s student in computer science.



Lizbeth Silva (left) and Jared Alderman relax before a meeting. Recently, a group of graduate students created a new diversity program for Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities at NMSU.